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Huffmaster Business Secured at a Higher Level

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If you have been frustrated by the high cost of security staffing, a Virtual Security Officer is the solution.  Virtual Patrols, Escorts and Interventions make your VirSec™ Officer an option for everything from Critical Infrastructure to vacant real estate.

Through remote video monitoring, a Virtual Security Officer can greatly Reduce the number of guards you employ and in some cases replace them all together.

For decades, technology providers have contended that their systems could replace on-site officers.  Many industry experts resisted this assertion on the basis that it was difficult to replace the judgment, intuition and skill sets of person with electronics.  VirSec™ closes the loop on the argument.

With a VirSec™ Virtual Security Officer, you receive all the efficiencies and other benefits of electronics while still maintaining human interaction.  As more and more systems are integrated into single platforms and installation architecture continues to standardize on IP formats, the Virtual Security Officer becomes a more powerful tool.  A VirSec™ Virtual Security Officer is very much like having a guard on-site, just much more efficient!